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  Our Services

Greyhound Package Express offers a Station-to--Station service in Eastern Canada for individuals, businesses and corporations. Our shipment services are great for students, businesses, or anyone who needs to ship from point A to point B. We specialize in timely, affordable and convenient shipping options. With our multiple daily departures, Greyhound Package Express can move your shipment any time of the day, 365 days a year.



 Greyhound Package Express makes shipping easy. Station-to-station shipping available in Eastern Canada.

   Docupaks are ideal for small packages. Docupaks carry all sorts of shapes from 0-5 lbs.

  • View our Pricing Guides page to download our brochures in .PDF format.



Our priority service guarantees delivery on the quoted schedule of your choice. The guaranteed Space is backed by our 100% money back guarantee.

  • Priority Service is available as Station to Station service in Eastern Canada.
  • Shipment guaranteed to arrive within two hours of quoted schedule published by except in circumstances beyond Greyhound’s control.
  • Doculetters and Docupaks are available.
  • View our Pricing Guides page to download our brochures in .PDF format.
·    Our premium expedited service
·    Ground or direct-drive options
·    Same-day service available on selected routes
·    Now up to 60% lower pricing
·    100% money back guarantee
·    Online ordering, tracking and tracing – 24/7
·    Dedicated logistics team managing your shipment from pick up to drop off
·    Available across Canada (certain restrictions apply)
·    Door to door
·    Station to station


Our In-City AM/PM service is a cost-effective, in-city service. We will pick up your package in the morning and deliver it in the afternoon, or pick it up in the afternoon and deliver it in the morning.

In-City AM/PM service is currently available in-

·   Calgary
·   Edmonton
·   Kamloops
·   Kelowna
·   Red Deer
·   Winnipeg


For international deliveries from Canada to more than 250 countries worldwide, choose Greyhound Package Express International Air. GPX offers fast, economical and reliable service you can depend on.

Download a brochure in .PDF format

Additional Services

Advance Purchase

Discontinued as of March 31, 2015.

Pre-sold Doculetters and Docupaks will be honored until expired.

C.O.D. Shipping

Worry-free shipping, problem-free collections. Protect your cash flow and avoid payment headaches with our C.O.D. service. We can collect for the cost of the goods shipped and the shipping charges at the destination. C.O.D. costs only $15 extra.


Get your shipment where it needs to go and get it paid for when it gets there. Our collect service means that Greyhound Package Express will collect shipping charges at the receiving end. Collect service is $6 extra.


A $100 free valuation is included with every shipment (except those accepted at "shipper's risk"). Shipments may be insured up to a maximum of $10,000. Declared values in excess of $100 are subject to a 3 percent fee.

For more details, please contact your local station.